I like to engage with the community to teach, learn and collaborate. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to participate in several hackathons, conferences and meetups as a speaker, judge and mentor.


The Erica Show - DefiDollar Journey (Feb'21)

Panel Discussion - DeFi (Feb'21)


Guest Speaker - Casual chat on Web3 (Sep'20)

Mentor - Ethereum India Fellowship (June'20)

Helping the next generation of Indian developers #BUIDL the decentralized future.

Speaker - Blockchain 101 - ETHIndia Online (Jan'20)

A discussion on digital privacy 🖥, cryptography 🔐, decentralisation and blockchains.


Tech Talk - Understanding Matic's architecture (Dec'19)

A layman's introduction to understanding how Matic network is building a scalability solution for Ethereum.

Speaker - Layer 2 Scaling with Matic - Genesis DevCon (Nov'19)

Matic network is a Plasma Implementation to provide side chain scalability solutions for public blockchains.

Speaker and Judge - HackInOut (Oct'19)

A speaker session on Blockchain 101 and part of the team of judges to mentor and find the most promising projects made during the hackathon.

Matic Architecture Whiteboard Session (Sep'19)

with Jayanti (co-founder, Matic) and Alex (co-founder, Near protocol)

Technical workshop - ETHIndia (Aug'19)

Workshop on building smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain using the Solidity programming language.

3-day Blockchain workshop - IIT Jodhpur (Jan'19)

Coached students from my alma mater on Ethereum, Bitcoin, IPFS and cypherpunk movement in general.


BEN, India (Sep'18 - Dec'18)

Volunteered as the head of community for the Blockchain Education Network, India.

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