HackMoney DeFi Hackathon (May'20)

$1500 Chainlink Prize Winner

Built DefiDollar - An index of stable coins, that uses Defi primitives to stay near the dollar mark.

MIT COVID-19 Challenge (Apr'20) Built CommunityAct - A model to determine the (future) vulnerability of a community to COVID-19 based on factors like population density 👨‍👩‍👦, income 💵, ICU beds 🏥 available in that region and the expected number of patients according to estimates 📈


Kyber DeFi Virtual Hackathon (Oct'19) Built Instastake - A decentralized application that enables you to instantly buy into a mutual fund (basket) of stake-able and yield generating coins on the Ethereum blockchain. GithubSubmission


ETHSingapore (Dec’18) $1000 MakerDAO Prize Winner Built ZkDai - Private DAI (Stablecoin) transactions on ethereum using zero-knowledge proofs.

ETHSanFrancisco (Oct’18) Winner / Finalist Built Kora - An on-chain governance tool enabling structured discourse and communication. GithubDemo VideoSubmission

Status Digital Hackathon (Sept’18) Winner Built a decentralized application for project submissions during a hackathon. GithubDemo Video

ETHIndia (Aug’18) Winner / Finalist Built Arquest - An invoicing app for Decentralized Autonomous Organisations (DAOs). GithubBlog postDemo Video