Work Experience


Co-Founder and CEO (Aug'20 - Present)

  • $DUSD is a stablecoin that uses DeFi primitives to stay near the $1 mark. Built on #Ethereum.

Matic Network

Principal Software Engineer (Mar’19 - Jul'20)

  • Part of the blockchain team researching and building a Layer2 solution to scale Ethereum.
  • Building Distributed and decentralized systems (Web3): Matic's core cryptographic protocol (See 1 and 2), smart contracts, validator node, crypto-economics.
  • Building backend services that power the Matic Network infrastructure (Web2): Wallet APIs, client libraries, blockchain indexer.
  • Languages/Tools: Solidity, Javascript, Golang, truffle


(YCombinator W13)

Backend Software Engineer (Feb'17 - June'18)

  • Part of the API (broadly applications) team - responsible for all frontend and backend applications.
  • I started as a full-stack engineer and gradually transitioned into a more specific backend role.
  • End-to-end ownership of the Product APIs which handled several million QPS a day.
  • Principal developer of E-commerce Price Monitoring and products catalog APIs (Product Console) and the Push Notifications API.
  • Principal developer of the Ecommerce-Product-Data-on-the-Blockchain project.
  • Blog Posts: Powering your e-commerce pricing strategy and Partitioning in PostgreSQL.
  • Languages/Tools: Javascript, Typescript, Nodejs, React, docker, AWS console, CircleCI
  • Databases: Postgres, Mongo, Redis, Influx


Software Engineer (July'15 - Jan'17)

  • Worked with the Google Apps for Work (G Suite) Team.
  • Specifically, I was a part of the cloud directory team which owned the Users and Groups API and worked on feature requests, bug fixes and maintenance efforts on these APIs.
  • A core member of the team that led the Single Sign-On (SSO) project for enterprise customers.
  • Played a critical role in the development of Custom Attributes (UI and APIs) and Rotating SSO certificates feature, essential features for SSO.
  • Languages/(Open source) Tools: Java, Python, Google Web Toolkit, Protocol buffers

DataPad Inc.

(acquired by Cloudera)

Software Engineer Intern (May’14 – July’14)

  • Algorithms and data structures design and implementation in the core data analytics library
  • Unit testing, benchmarks, performance testing for developed modules
  • Languages/Tools: C, python, Cython, IPython, Git

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